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The other day I told the story of multiple coworkers telling me about ShakesBeer, a Shakespeare Beer brewer that’s just near enough to me to be a temptation but far enough away that I thought it was, literally, out of my reach.  One coworker offered to get me some the next time he was able, but he doesn’t fully appreciate how much I love Shakespeare and beer.  Despite my local liquor store not being listed on the company website directory, I called them anyway, and they had it!

They have three types listed on their website: Act One, The Tempest, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  I was only able to find the first two locally.  A 4pack of cans cost me about $14.

Let’s talk about Act One first.  Yes those are nachos and cheese and crackers in the background, I did my taste test during the Patriots game.  From the site:

A mild New England Style IPA with a hazy finish, a balanced level of bitterness and pronounced citrus aroma.  Easy drinking with a manageable 5.5% ABV.

The color’s not my usual style (though I realize it’s typical for this style). I tend to lean more toward the darker reds and browns.

I’m not usually an IPA drinker. Though I’ll have them on occasion when I’m out because I’m far more interested in always trying something new than I am in having a “favorite” beer.  Still, though, I’m surprised they called this one “mild” as I found it had a very strong flavor.  I tend to put these in the category of “I didn’t not like it.”  If I was out at a bar would I order another one? Sure. If I ever see it on a menu I’m ordering it, but I’ll admit that’s also motivated by a desire to support companies like this that do Shakespeare branded things.

The 5.5 ABV (alcohol by volume) I guess is average for IPA?  I’d never really paid much attention to it as a beer drinker but it’s apparently the thing to do now. All the beer drinkers at work compare notes and rate their favorites based on ABV (as in, “I’m not going to have 3 or 4 over 7’s and get wasted” or “Going to the extreme craft fest this weekend, nothing but 8 and over!”)

Definitely happy to have found it. Will drink again. If I have guests over who are up for a taste test, I’ll share.

Next post we’ll look at The Tempest, their “Imperial IPA”.


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