Give Me An S! No, Seriously.

The funniest thing happens to all my keyboards. Check it out.

This is on a relatively new MacBook. If you can’t see it, my A S and E keys are basically wearing off.  Just those.  Here’s the weird thing, though:

That’s two different keyboards!  Same problem.  Not so much the E on that one, but it’s clear on the S and starting on the A.  I’ve had it happen on about 4 different computers, if you can imagine.  And it’s not purely a MacBook problem, as it’s happening on my USB keyboard as well (I don’t have a picture of that one). I actually even had one keyboard replaced because of it.

Now, you might say “Those are the most common letters in the English language, it makes sense.”  But there’s two reasons why that’s not the problem.

First, the most common letters in English are, depending on where you look, E A T or E A R.  S is much farther down the list.

Second, if this was indeed the problem, then wouldn’t all people experience the same problem?  I’ve yet to see another case of it. In fact everybody that sees my keyboard says, “I’ve never seen that before.”

Here’s my theory.  What word do I type more often (much, much more often) than the average person?  You got it.  And hey, check this out:

S h A k E S p E A r E

All those letters appear two or more times in my favorite word. Coincidence? I think not! I am literally writing about Shakespeare so much that I am wearing out keyboards.




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