Say Hello To My Little Friend

Before I went to Stratford Upon Avon earlier this year I was daydreaming on Facebook about what sort of new merchandise I might find in the gift shops and what I might want to bring home.  A follower suggested a “Pot Belly” Shakespeare which I’d never seen before!  I held off until I got back from my trip, but was recently looking through comments and reminded myself of that post.

Of course, my wife was sitting next to me at the time, saw my intent and said, “You don’t need any more Shakespeare toys.  He is cute, though.”  That’s as close to permission as I’m ever gonna get.

Check out what came today!

I love him!  He’s much more finely detailed than I expected.  Check out his face:

The weird thing is that his head comes off (on purpose).  Apparently he’s supposed to be some sort of “keepsake” holder, but I have no idea what of value would be small enough to put it there.

I was planning to bring him to work where the rest of my collection resides.  But my wife said, “Oh, I was assuming he’d stay here!”  He’s now sitting atop the microwave, and there he shall stay.  I’ve often talked of “decorating my life” with Shakespeare, so if I can have random Shakespeares around the house with my wife’s blessing?  Oh you know I’m not going to miss that opportunity!



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