My Rude Mechanical Children

I wish I had this on video, but yesterday while on vacation my children (and their cousin), 7, 5, and two 3 yr olds “put on a show”.  I was probably the only one there who fully appreciated the similarity as they all stood up by the garden shed, ready to perform and the came out for introductions.  My 5yr old daughter played the role of Chorus/Quince to introduce the players, including my overacting 7yr old who could easily have passed for Bottom.   I did shout “O for a Muse of Fire!” but nobody got it 🙂 The introductions even included my 3yr old son “as the Monster”, and right on cue he came out, roared, and went back.  “Well roared, Monster!” I called. I have to show them Dream, if only that final scene, to see if they get it.  I think it’d be hysterical.

2 thoughts on “My Rude Mechanical Children

  1. or… you could bring them to see Midsummer at Winter Island, August 21-23, 5pm each day with a 1pm show on the 23rd.

    Kids aged 9-15. with probably the youngest set of "lovers" i have ever seen in the roles.

  2. That is so adorable!

    Midsummers Nights Dream is gateway Shakespeare. The Tavern does student matinees during the school year, and it's usually all high school with some middles schoolers, but once the entire audience for Dream was elementary school. They caught every joke, every twist, and had the dour stage manager grinning. Kids and Shakespeare is a great combination.

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