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Regular readers of Shakespeare Geek may not recognize the name Joseph Mooney/Mahler but they’ll probably spot the initials, JM.  JM’s a regular contributor here, and we’ve developed something of a game where he comments on what I wrote and then I desperately try to understand what he said. 🙂  At the heart of our “disagreements,” however, I think we’re both in this for the same reasons.  We love this stuff, and we want to expose the world to it in any way we can.  He’s got his ideas for how to do it, and I’ve got mine.

As such, I’m happy to link my readers over to the mission statement for JM’s theShakespeareProject, his own very real world project for putting his stamp on the Shakespeare (and classic literature) universe:

theShakespeareProject is dedicated to the idea that a fresh
approach to these literary/dramatic gems, employing them as living
examples of excellence, might lead to a regeneration of heightened
interest–in the theatre, the classroom, the boardroom—even the family
room—and result in a natural and progressive repossession by the
community at the grass roots level.

I may say it differently, but how can I disagree with any of that? 

3 thoughts on “Mission Statement : theShakespeareProject

  1. Duane, Thank you for the focus–and for your insightfully kind recognition of what we "geeks" have in common. Or call us "Bardolaters"–I'm actually quite proud to be recognized as one. And no matter the avenue, or the vehicle we use to explore it, our hopeful destination is the same. Cheers, JM

  2. Thanks Carl. So far, several projects in, they've all been big hits with all concerned and extremely successful at what they set out to do. But the present state of the Arts hasn't lent itself to being able to fuel too much in succession, even though the word of mouth is excellent and is really what could make it catch fire. Arts Orgs and schools want more, but…?$$? Bit– by– bit– we–go. Appreciate the encouragement.

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