I Have A Shakespeare Joke, But…

Though it’s not yet achieved the classic status of the knock-knock joke, the “I have a _____ joke but ______” has become an Internet favorite over the last few years. As is our wont, let’s add Shakespeare to that list, shall we?

I Have a Shakespeare Joke, But…

William Shakespeare as a stand-up comedian.
What is the deal with these fardels? Are we bearing them, are we not bearing them? Who are these people bearing all the fardels!

I have a Hamlet joke but can’t decide how to finish it.

I have a Romeo and Juliet joke but you probably heard it back in high school.

I have a Macbeth joke that always gets a good laugh, but it really kills in Scotland.

I have a Lavinia joke but can’t say it out loud.

I have a Midsummer Night’s Dream joke but it’s pretty asinine.

I have a joke about that silent bit during the play-within-a-play in Hamlet, but it’s dumb.

I have a Shakespeare joke but everybody else claims they wrote it.

Surely there are more out there? Let’s hear them!

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