Shakespearean Dad Jokes

William Shakespeare at the grille flipping burgers, where all dads eventually find themselves.
Nice grille you got there, Shakespeare. What is that, a Weber? How much that set you back, you don’t mind me asking?

In all our years of writing and collecting Shakespeare jokes, I can’t remember if we ever did this theme. We’ve got knock-knock jokes, lightbulb jokes, and duck jokes, and I’ve forgotten how many others. But we seem to have snubbed the classic, the “Dad joke.” Which is surprising because if you ask my kids, dad jokes are all I’ve got.

Let’s rectify that situation, shall we?

Hamlet: “I am too much in the sun.”
Claudius: “Hi, too much in the sun. I’m Dad.”

I heard that Lavinia can play the piano by ear. Which makes sense since she can’t use her hands. (Was that tasteless? I heard Lavinia jokes were tasteless.)

Juliet: “I’ll call you later!”
Romeo: “Don’t call me later, call me Romeo!”

Ophelia didn’t suffer from insanity, it seemed like she was really enjoying herself.

Romeo: I had a date with Juliet tonight. It was awesome.
Mercutio: Wait, seriously?
Romeo: Yeah. Tomorrow, we’re going to try figs.

Gloucester walks into a bar. And then a table, and a chair, and another table…

Beatrice: Lord, I could not endure a husband with a beard on his face.
Leonato: I didn’t like it at first either, but it grew on me.

Of all the crimes that Macbeth committed, people often forget that both he and his wife were guilty of resisting a rest.

Where my Shakespeare dads at? Add your own in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Shakespearean Dad Jokes

  1. Jacob Meyer was the best electrician our town had ever seen. When he retired, people used to say, “O for a fuse of Meyer’s!”

  2. I really enjoy British desserts—especially those other people never order. In fact, you might say that I’m a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles.


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